Currently reading…

I’ve just started reading the Harry Potter books again. I’m about one third of the way through The Philosopher’s Stone and I’d forgotten how much I disliked the Dursleys when I first read it. (I still don’t like them). I’m also reading lots of blog posts and articles about the places I’m planning to visitContinue reading “Currently reading…”

Book launch

I’ve been part of Belfast Writers Group for almost three years now, and it’s been a fantastic place to learn my craft. I’m really excited to announce that the group is releasing a new anthology, as well as a new edition of their first anthology.  I’m thrilled to have stories in both of these. TheContinue reading “Book launch”

Anne Frank

Today is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, and its also Holocaust Memorial Day. There were countless victims of the genocide, however one of the most famous is Anne Frank. Someone once asked me ‘Who’s Anne Frank?’ which really surprised me as I thought she was a universally well known figure, so forContinue reading “Anne Frank”