Photos I’ve taken while out walking

During this period of quarantine (I’m not using the l-word because I don’t like it) I’ve been feeling grateful that I live in an area where green spaces can be easily accessed. I’ve been going out for a daily walk and taking a photo when I do as a way of recording what I’m doing.Continue reading “Photos I’ve taken while out walking”

Logroño to Bilbao – the scenic route

It takes around two and a half hours to travel by train from Logroño to Bilbao. The route goes through the vineyards of the La Rioja region, alongside the Río Ebro, and past picturesque villages. I really enjoyed the journey and took some photos so that I’ll always be able to remember how beautiful itContinue reading “Logroño to Bilbao – the scenic route”

Fleeting fairytale

I chopped up a few strawberries and arranged them carefully on the plate, thinking that the breakfast I’d prepared looked very appetising. This would make a perfect Instagram post; the golden brown pain au chocolat juxtaposed with the purple blueberries and red strawberries was an aesthetically pleasing combination. I’d booked a stay in the historicContinue reading “Fleeting fairytale”


This post was inspired by this writing prompt. I was struggling a few months ago with writing and a few writer friends suggested I try some prompts. I ended up writing a non-fiction piece from the prompt I chose. Last year, I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and was immediately inspired to go on an adventure. The bookContinue reading “Exploring”


I love the song Endless Forms Most Beautiful by the Finnish metal band Nightwish. The lyrics are beautiful- they speak about the wonder of nature: “Alive, aware, in awe before the grandeur of it all. Our floating pale blue ark of endless forms most beautiful” I went on a mindful walk at a beautiful place earlier today – andContinue reading “Autumn”