Inspiration for the isolated

One of my favourite books is The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. I first read it when I was around ten or eleven, and it’s always been an important book for me. Probably even more now, given the circumstances we currently find ourselves in. I’m looking to Anne Frank and her diaryContinue reading “Inspiration for the isolated”

Quote challenge – day one

I’ve been nominated by the very talented Magpie at Midnight to take part in the quote of the day challenge. It’s an honour to be asked to do this. I’ve been reading her blog for a while and find it really interesting; I’ve been particularly enjoying the series on Objects with meaning which inspired one of my posts. TheContinue reading “Quote challenge – day one”

So I got a semicolon tattoo

My friend Jacqui and I had been talking about getting semicolon tattoos for about a year. For me, the idea always felt kind of vague; something I’d talk about but never actually do. Somewhere in the last couple of months, I’d made the transition in my mind from considering it as a possibility, to activelyContinue reading “So I got a semicolon tattoo”

I heart Inspector Morse

Today the writer Colin Dexter died at his home in Oxford. Dexter was the creator of Inspector Morse, and as I’ve been a Morse fan for many years, it seems appropriate to mark his passing by writing a post about what his work meant to me personally. My love for Morse started in my late teens, whenContinue reading “I heart Inspector Morse”

Imagining the future

In April last year I read a Facebook post written by Cheryl Strayed (who is one of my favourite writers) about procrastination. She wrote about an article she’d read  which explained how we often put off doing certain things because we aren’t thinking about how our future selves will benefit from them, and how imaginingContinue reading “Imagining the future”

The Happiness Jar

I read about this practice a few weeks ago but I’ve only been doing it for the past few days. It comes from the writer Elizabeth Gilbert (who I really admire) and it’s a good gratitude practice. My mindfulness ‘jar’ is actually a box (see picture below) and the idea is that at the endContinue reading “The Happiness Jar”