Inspiration for the isolated

One of my favourite books is The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. I first read it when I was around ten or eleven, and it’s always been an important book for me. Probably even more now, given the circumstances we currently find ourselves in. I’m looking to Anne Frank and her diaryContinue reading “Inspiration for the isolated”

Less famous London churches

When walking around the city, you can’t help noticing the number of churches there are. As well as the famous ones like Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral, the city is home to many other places of worship which are just as interesting. Here are a few I’ve discovered. St Andrew by the Wardrobe ThisContinue reading “Less famous London churches”

St James’s Ossuary, Brno

When I was planning this trip, I was originally going to travel directly from Prague to Budapest. Then I remembered that many years ago, I’d wanted to go to Kutna Hora so I looked into the possibility of exploring that town. It isn’t on the way from Prague to Budapest, so I won’t be visitingContinue reading “St James’s Ossuary, Brno”

Fleeting fairytale

I chopped up a few strawberries and arranged them carefully on the plate, thinking that the breakfast I’d prepared looked very appetising. This would make a perfect Instagram post; the golden brown pain au chocolat juxtaposed with the purple blueberries and red strawberries was an aesthetically pleasing combination. I’d booked a stay in the historicContinue reading “Fleeting fairytale”

A woman’s right…

Today’s the day of the 2017 General Election. It’s also the 104th anniversary of the death of Emily Davison, a suffragette who was trampled by the King’s horse at the 1913 Epsom Derby and died of her injuries a few days later. A few years before her death, she hid in a cupboard at the PalaceContinue reading “A woman’s right…”

Her last letter

“My brother…” I stop writing, and look around me. My ladies are all asleep, but I cannot rest. These are my last words; my final letter before I commit my soul to God and leave this world. Tomorrow, I will die as I have lived, as a Queen and a Catholic, trusting in the mercyContinue reading “Her last letter”

Hillsborough Castle

I’ve been looking forward to visiting this Royal residence for some time, and after waiting all summer, I finally went today. It was well worth the wait as it’s absolutely beautiful. We arrived in the village just after ten, booked our tickets for the house tour, then found somewhere nice to have coffee. After that,Continue reading “Hillsborough Castle”


I spent most of Tuesday in Edinburgh. It was a beautiful day, which gave me the opportunity to explore. I started by having breakfast on the Royal Mile. I had what was quite possibly the nicest scone I’ve ever eaten, and some coffee. It probably wasn’t the ideal breakfast, but I enjoyed it. I thenContinue reading “Edinburgh”