Positivity challenge

I’m going to combine my ‘quote of the week’ post with a little update on what I’m doing right now happiness and mental-health wise. When you’re feeling sad and low We will take you where you want to go Smiling, dancing, everything is free All you need is positivity In case you don’t already know,Continue reading “Positivity challenge”

Sunny days and daisy chains

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here for the last few weeks so I have been busying myself doing sunshiny things. I have been for lots of long walks, been to the beach, sat outside reading various books, did some yoga in the back yard which I thought would make me feel self-conscious but actuallyContinue reading “Sunny days and daisy chains”

Focusing on the good

I have been convinced for some time about the power of thinking positively, and a sermon I heard yesterday reinforced this, which was lovely. The minister was talking about the parable of the wheat and the weeds. A farmer plants some wheat and it starts to grow but so do the weeds. The farmer, insteadContinue reading “Focusing on the good”

Fact vs Opinion

Picture from http://www.tedstees.com I like this little diagram (from Father Ted) and it helps to clarify for me the difference between fact and opinion.  An opinion is a thought or view that is inside my head and doesn’t necessarily have any basis in reality(eg I am a bad person). A fact is something that isContinue reading “Fact vs Opinion”

Emotional Brilliance

I love the title of this and the fact it’s from Lush, which is my favourite beauty shop ever makes it even better. I love Lush because a) their products smell amazing and really work and b) they use all natural ingredients and don’t test on animals. A few months ago they brought out Emotional Brilliance, whichContinue reading “Emotional Brilliance”

Make time for Mood Management

I have been going to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) again for a few weeks now and have been finding it really useful. One of the things that I am most amazed by is what has dawned on me over the last few days – I need to manage my mood or my mood will manageContinue reading “Make time for Mood Management”

Know thyself

This saying comes from Ancient Greece – I think it’s pretty good advice. It came into my mind a few days ago, after I’d been having a conversation with a friend about my journey from severe depression to where I am today, which I would define as being much more mentally well than I usedContinue reading “Know thyself”