Saint John Paul II memorials in Krakow

One of the surprising things I found on visiting Krakow was the amount of memorials and statues dedicated to the memory of the former Pope (now Saint) John Paul II. Or perhaps it’s not that surprising; he was the first non-Italian to have been head of the Catholic church since the early sixteenth century, andContinue reading “Saint John Paul II memorials in Krakow”

Attending church abroad

I’ve been abroad for almost six weeks, and in that time I’ve visited many different churches, mostly for sightseeing, but I’ve also been to four Sunday services. Only one of those was English speaking; I’ve also attended a Polish-speaking Lutheran service, a High Mass in German and a service in Spanish, in San Sebastian deContinue reading “Attending church abroad”

Faith – a short story

I wrote this short story in June last year. It’s inspired by my own personal experiences (which is probably why it’s taken me so long to share it). “Are you saved?” This was a question that Karen remembered all too well from her childhood. She recalled the street preachers talking about hell-fire and judgement, andContinue reading “Faith – a short story”

Her last letter

“My brother…” I stop writing, and look around me. My ladies are all asleep, but I cannot rest. These are my last words; my final letter before I commit my soul to God and leave this world. Tomorrow, I will die as I have lived, as a Queen and a Catholic, trusting in the mercyContinue reading “Her last letter”

Thoughts on faith

This post was inspired by a conversation I had earlier today with a friend of mine. I’ve debated whether or not to write this, mainly because it’s something I don’t normally talk about. I was thinking about how I could approach this subject, and I happened to come across something I had written just over four years agoContinue reading “Thoughts on faith”