Telling other people’s stories: some thoughts on memoir

You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better. Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird : Some Instructions on Writing and Life Several times over the past few months I’ve sat down with the intention of writing something concrete about myContinue reading “Telling other people’s stories: some thoughts on memoir”

5 places to travel to in Ireland this summer

Due to the pandemic, I’m not planning to take any holidays abroad for the foreseeable future. Instead, I’m going to take a few trips in Ireland and hopefully visit some places where I haven’t already been. This list includes both places I’ve already been to and places I plan to visit this year. 1. TheContinue reading “5 places to travel to in Ireland this summer”

Walking along the North Down Coastal Path

When my ex-boyfriend and I were first getting to know each other he suggested that we take a walk along the North Down Coastal Path to Bangor, have lunch there, then walk back. We never actually did this together, although in the past year or so I’ve often thought about doing it solo. It wasContinue reading “Walking along the North Down Coastal Path”

Lagan Meadows – a little part of the countryside in Belfast

On Saturday I decided to go for a long walk. I was feeling really cooped up at home, and needed to get out. A week earlier I’d walked along part of the River Lagan from its source at Belfast Lough to the Ormeau Embankment. This time I decided to explore a little bit further. IContinue reading “Lagan Meadows – a little part of the countryside in Belfast”

Some thoughts on life in Belfast

As regular readers of this blog may know, I travelled quite a lot last year and lived in Spain for a few months. Before I moved back to Belfast at the start of this year I was quite anxious about living here again. I was unsure if I would fit in to my ‘old’ lifeContinue reading “Some thoughts on life in Belfast”

Some poetry for our time

I’m thrilled to have my work (and first ever piece of published poetry!) included in Covidioms, a collaborative pamphlet put together by the lovely people at Poetry NI. It’s a beautiful project; 107 individual poets each contributing a three line micropoem responding to the challenging times that we find ourselves in. It’s quite an emotionalContinue reading “Some poetry for our time”

My thoughts on writing poetry as a form of therapy

I wrote a poem a few days ago. It’s something I don’t do very often, in fact apart from a very short, crappy haiku I wrote a few weeks ago, the last time I wrote any form of poetry was about a year ago, after a friend of mine passed away. I find that whenContinue reading “My thoughts on writing poetry as a form of therapy”

How to protect your mental health during the pandemic

There’s probably been hundreds of blog posts and articles written on this topic by now but I thought I’d share what I’m personally doing to protect my mental health at this time. 1. Limiting my media consumption. I don’t have a TV so can’t turn the news on even if I wanted to, but inContinue reading “How to protect your mental health during the pandemic”

Photos I’ve taken while out walking

During this period of quarantine (I’m not using the l-word because I don’t like it) I’ve been feeling grateful that I live in an area where green spaces can be easily accessed. I’ve been going out for a daily walk and taking a photo when I do as a way of recording what I’m doing.Continue reading “Photos I’ve taken while out walking”