What not to write

I’ve recently become disheartened with writing fiction. I’m not quite sure how this came about – I think it’s been a combination of rejections, disliking my own writing, and falling more in love with blogging and writing non-fiction since I’ve been travelling. A few days ago I applied for a digital journalism traineeship with theContinue reading “What not to write”

Attending church abroad

I’ve been abroad for almost six weeks, and in that time I’ve visited many different churches, mostly for sightseeing, but I’ve also been to four Sunday services. Only one of those was English speaking; I’ve also attended a Polish-speaking Lutheran service, a High Mass in German and a service in Spanish, in San Sebastian deContinue reading “Attending church abroad”

A visit to Mozart’s grave

It was quite a nice day in Vienna yesterday. I’d gone to Schonbrunn Palace Gardens in the morning, had some lunch, but wasn’t quite sure what to do for an afternoon activity. After some thought, I decided to visit Mozart’s grave; something I’d originally planned to do when I first decided to come here. I’mContinue reading “A visit to Mozart’s grave”

La Traviata at the Vienna State Opera

Last night I went to the Opera in Vienna and it was wonderful. I’d found out that while normal-priced tickets to the Vienna State Opera can be expensive, tickets for the standing area which cost between 3 and 4 euro go on sale 80 minutes before the start of each evening’s performance. It’s advisable toContinue reading “La Traviata at the Vienna State Opera”