St James’s Ossuary, Brno

When I was planning this trip, I was originally going to travel directly from Prague to Budapest. Then I remembered that many years ago, I’d wanted to go to Kutna Hora so I looked into the possibility of exploring that town. It isn’t on the way from Prague to Budapest, so I won’t be visitingContinue reading “St James’s Ossuary, Brno”

The Czech Post Office

I went to the Post Office on Jindrisska to send a few cards to some people back home. It’s the nicest Post Office I’ve ever been in. There’s a little shop in the corner where you can buy postcards and stamps, which you then post in the orange letter boxes outside. I bought two stampsContinue reading “The Czech Post Office”

The story so far

I made it to Wroclaw. I found my last few days in Belfast quite stressful, so I feel like it’s going to be a few days before I start to properly relax. I’m still amazed at having made it through airport security: I’ve somehow brought along a seashell which was squished into my pocket alongContinue reading “The story so far”